Jose Borghi – Highly Sought After and Talented Advertising Professional

Jose Borghi is the name behind some of the most popular advertisements created in Brazil, many of which are remembered till date. He continues to provide innovative marketing and advertising solutions to his clients as the CEO of one of the top advertising firms in the country, Mullen Lowe Brazil. Jose Borghi is considered as the advertising genius in the Brazilian advertising space, primarily because of the results the advertisements he creates for his clients gathers. Some of the companies that Jose Borghi has worked in the past include Unilever, Fiat, and Mitsubishi.

The ad campaign for Fiat designed by Jose Borghi helped the company to enter the Brazilian market successfully and generate astounding revenue that the company didn’t expect. One of the leading ads that Jose Borghi created that is loved and remembered by people till date is the one he created for the wildlife conservation named “Mammals of Parmalat.” It won hearts of millions of people not only in Brazil but across the globe.Jose Borghi’s interest in the advertising world began very early in an age when his sister took him to a nearby theater to watch the ads that won an award at Cannes Film Festival.

It is these award-winning ads that inspired and moved Jose Borghi so much that he decided that it is what he wants to do when he grows up. He has the experience of working at some of the leading ad firms in the country, including Talent, FCB, Leo Burnett, and Standard Ogilvy.Jose Borghi after leaving job started his advertising firm named Borghi Erh Creative Intelligence in partnership with his friend and colleague, Erh Ray. Under his leadership, the company grew tremendously and became one of the fastest growing companies in Brazil. Later on, Jose Henrique Borghi decided to merge the company with Lowe, and the firm came to be known as Borghi Lowe. After merging again with Mullen advertising firm in the next few years, it is today rebranded to be known as Mullen Lowe Brazil.

Highland Capital Management Penetrating Asian Healthcare Market

Highland Capital Management Korea Ltd., recently concluded a healthcare deal worth $147 million. The anchor investor for the fund is National Pension Service of South Korea. The South Korean based HCM is an affiliate of globally recognized investment firm Highland Capital Management which was founded by Dallas based investor James Dondero. It is the first time HCM is focusing on investing in private equity fund within the healthcare industry in the Asian market. Those who have invested within the healthcare industry aims to achieve co- investment opportunities that would enable them serve the Chinese, Korean and American markets. This is in addition to enjoying return on investment.


Partnership with Stonebridge Capital

Highland Capital Management has developed a working relationship with Korean based venture capital and private equity firm Stonebridge Capital to co-manage the healthcare fund. Over the last two years, many Asian investors have considered investing in this sector where most investments are either direct or multi-purpose funds. According to the MD and Co-Head of HCM, Carl Moore, the fund’s strategy is perfectly aligned with the firm’s expertise, capabilities and experience in the healthcare industry. The executive further added that for the last 15 years, most of private equity funds are associated with companies in the healthcare industry. The fund targets Asian and North American healthcare firms that operate in the middle market segment.


Overview of Highland Capital Management


Highland Capital Management is a global investment advisor responsible for over $15 billion AUM. The firm was founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada in 1993, and it considered as one of the most experienced investment firm in the world. The firm’s target market includes collateralized loan obligation, credit hedge funds, distressed accounts, private equity and others. HCM’s alternative investment strategies include natural resources, short/long equities and emerging markets.


Highland has a broad network of clients such as government agencies, foundations, corporations, public pension plans, financial institutions, endowments, high-net-worth individuals and fund of funds. The headquarters of the company is based in Dallas, TX, but has other offices in New York, Seoul, Singapore and Sao Paolo. The company is also recognized for it philanthropic support with the aim of improving lives of communities.

The Best Franchise of the Year Award is Given to Omar Yunes of Mexicano Franchise in Brazil

The success of a Franchise depends a lot on the competence, skills, and foresight of the franchisee and that is exactly what Omar Yunes managed to achieve when he was declared the winner in an international competition which was held on fifth last December. Omar Yunes was given the grand prize because of the remarkable contributions added to Sushi Itto. His Franchise known as Mexicano was named to be the best in the world. The award was even more appealing given the fact that Yunes became an entrepreneur when he was merely 21 years old. In more than 13 franchises found in far-flung places like Mexico City, Puebla and Veracruz he is the CEO.

He remarked that it was an honor for him to be given the award, but he stressed that the achievement was shared equally by all the employees of the organization who number about four hundred. If not for the dedication of the team that manages the 13 branches maybe he would not have won the award. All the advances and innovation that the company has introduced in the market are a result of the worker’s resourcefulness. According to Diego Elizarrarras, the man behind the BFW Mexican event, the winner Omar succeeded because he understands the need for changes in how the franchising organizations and the franchisee relate to each other. And the Chief Executive Officer of Sushi Itto called Benjamin Cancelmo also added that the win was due to the collaborative effort of the staff, customers and the first hospitality the franchise offered. The recognition that Omar Yunes got proved that he is a capable and highly skilled administrator who understands the dynamics of running large organizations.

The corporate event was the edition of BFW for 2015, and it involved participants from places like France, Argentina, Brazil, Hungary, Portugal, Mexico, and Italy. The qualities that were evaluated were the improvement a brand proposed to make on the existing operating model, how the name motivated the employees through saving schemes, and the type of knowledge, development, and influence the brand had on the overall system. The organizers praised Omar and said that he would continue to prosper in the franchising world.

Changing Lives in Dublin Using Insurance: David Giertz’s Story

Insurance is an investment that can be used to develop a person economically. Insurance can be used as security for a loan or a cover for health. An insurance policy is effective towards economic development. David Giertz is a financial advisor. He sells insurance policies to people. This enables people to develop financially. David Giertz encourages people to own financial solutions. There are different financial solutions that people can use, but an insurance policy allows them to save. The savings can be used for various purposes on

David Giertz also advises people on how to develop a financial plan. These financial plans are used to develop the financial capacity of his clients. His expertise in the field has enabled him to help many people to achieve their financial goals. Individuals in society have confidence in his skills. David has worked in the industry for more than thirty years. This has enabled him to develop personalized products for his diverse clients. This is because people have diverse needs economically. People also have different economic capacities on A product that suits a person may not satisfy another.

David has built a career from a small beginning. He started developing solutions for different clients. This enabled him to have outstanding sales. David Giertz has worked very hard. He has developed into a certified insurance seller. He ensures that the products he deals with are genuine. This has made him credible in the industry. He has worked with different people over the years. They act as proof of his skills. This encourages other consumers by showing them that they can achieve economic development at Consumers have confidence in the various insurance policies that David sells. People should be encouraged to develop their economic capacities using the different products that are available in the market. This will eventually lead to the development of the community in general.

Timothy Armour- The Man Behind Janus Capital Group

Timothy Armour also known as Tim is presently the sole Director at Janus Capital Group, and at the same time the Independent Chairman at AQR Funds. Timothy has dedicated his whole career to Capital Group. Having earned a bachelor degree in economics from Middlebury College and a master’s degree from Columbia University, he got accepted into the Capital Group associates program and his career commenced almost immediately.

He initially worked as an Equity investment analyst where he trained to become Capital Group’s Management committee chairman. Tim is also a member of the board of directors at Janus Capital Group. Prior to being the director at Janus Capital Group, he was managing director at Morningstar and the president of mutual Funds Division.Tim Armour came up with a certain reasoning that investors should “find active managers who earn their keep”. He is convinced that many financial managers have become indolent, and dependent on index funds and not researching companies. He adds that, index funds are not capable of making a difference on business trends.This can only be achieved by a firm financial manager capable of catching these trends.

Tim was quick to make some really bold moves after getting appointed Chairman of Janus Capital Group. One of which includes the partnership with Samsung involving Asset Management. The deal entails both Capital Group and Samsung Asset Management working together to co-develop retirement resolutions and asset allocation products. Tim believes the greater plan is to co-design investment solutions to meet retirement needs of Korean investors.Predient Donald Trump’s victory back in November sparked dramatic changes in asset prices. Tim says that the recent change is pretty intense. He has experienced change throughout his entire career but his guess is that they’ve hit the bottom this time round. This means that things are bound to be different and more dynamic from now onwards.Read full article: Here.

Where to Find the Best Professional Rubbish Removal Company

It is extremely important to have a clean environment, whether at the place of work or your home. Getting rid of the rubbish from either your office or home is not an easy task which you can perform on your own. It is advisable to hire the services of professional rubbish removal firms since they have the expertise and resources to perform this task perfectly.


Reasons to Engage Rubbish Removal Services


A rubbish removal company has the ability to clear large heaps of rubbish and leave your compound de-cluttered. It is cost-effective to hire a professional company because they have garbage disposal vehicles, unlike when you DIY. Garbage removal expert perform the work quickly and on time. A rubbish removal company uses appropriate equipment and machines to do their work, meaning they can even remove large pieces of junks that are no longer required.


About Clearabee Rubbish Removal Company


Clearabee is the largest UK based rubbish clearance firm. The firm’s head offices are located in Birmingham, and has other 15 branches across Britain. The company was co-founded in February 2012, by Daniel Long and Rob Linton with an initial capital of £500. By June 2015, the firm was reported to have removed garbage for 30,000 plus customers and its revenue had reached £4.1m.


Clearabee rubbish removal is recognized for its in-house clearances than anyone in the industry. The company has a unique rubbish clearance technique; man and van clearances, which has made it very popular. Clearabee provides same day rubbish removal service, is highly flexible and offer competitive rates depending on the quantity of rubbish clearance to be removed.

Clearabee is the best rubbish clearance in the game, London is jumping all over to become a client of Clearabee!

Check out the WIKI of this incredible rubbish clearance company:



Mike Baur: Cultivating the Next Breed of Business Leadership

The business atmosphere is changing day in day out. Despite the innovative technological advancement as well as ideas that most startups have, it has increasingly become a daunting task to run a successful business. One man, however, is changing all this. Thanks to Mike Baur and the Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF), the atmosphere of the doing business is changing for the better.


Mike is a prominent banker and entrepreneur. He has an MBA degree from the University of Rochester and an executive degree from the University of Bern. When it comes to matters of finance, Mike is no stranger. The finance expert started his career journey in 1991 as an intern at the Union Bank of Switzerland. Before leaving the bank, Baur had risen through the ranks to assume different leadership positions within the bank. His next career was at Clariden Leu, a private bank in Switzerland in 2008. However, with the post-banking recession period affecting most banks in the economy, Baur quit his lucrative banking career to pursue his passion for helping startups make progress in business.


With this decision in mind, Mike Baur collaborated with fellow Bern University alumni Max Meister to start Swiss Startup Factory. The startup incubator company was founded in 2014 with its headquarters in Zurich. SSUF is purely a privately owned business idea with an objective of providing both financial and leadership services to innovative start-up technology companies in the economy. Thanks to the able leadership of Mike Baur, the company runs a three-month incubator program whereby the innovative startup businesses are given funding to run their operations, mentored on how to market their products and services to the potential customers, and importantly, provided with a working space at strategic Zurich Capital.


On top of funding their startups, SSUF encourages their innovators to compete in pitching contest such as START Summiteer and stand the chance of winning full business funding. It is from such competition that Mike is able to establish his business.


Mike Baur’s contribution to the business world does not stop in startup businesses; he is also involved with well-established businesses. Thanks the over twenty years of experience in the banking industry, Mike was able to establish Think Reloaded successfully. Think Reloaded is a financial consulting firm that provides financial advice to well-established business.


Baur’s contribution to the business world cannot be ignored. Thanks to his companies and services, sooner than later the industry will be filled with well-established and reputable business leaders.

Doe Deere Dove In Head First, And Lime Crime Was Born

When it comes to makeup, we know what we like or at least, what the huge companies in the cosmetics industry have sold us to like.


Luckily, those standards are changing, thanks to successful, independent beauty companies like Lime Crime. The e-commerce makeup stand-out was launched in 2008 because its founder was frustrated at the lack of imagination with regards to makeup textures and colors.


Doe Deere tells, that she was born in Russia and always experimented with cosmetics, especially those in vibrant, head-turning shades. When she arrived to live in New York City in her late teens, she was baffled that the world’s favorite metropolis was behind the times in makeup advancement. So she took on the big girls and developed her fantastical, wildly colored makeup brand.


Today, Lime Crime is adored by a large global fan base. The brand is smokin’ hot on social media sites like Instagram where more than 3 million followers now gather. Doe Deere likes engaging with her online community and offering inspiration to other young people who possess a strong entrepreneurial spirit.


Doe Deere enjoyed offering her beauty know-how and trendy products to her classmates at an early age. With a sharp business mind in tact, she sold temporary tattoos at school when she was 13. She has always learned to trust her gut and believe in the talents she was blessed with. Doe Deere recommends other young entrepreneurs trust that logic, work hard, keep it honest, and forge ahead.


Lime Crime makeup has been a huge hit on e-commerce for several reasons, one of them being its unique appeal. Lime Crime was one of the first to flirt with bizarre-o colors in lipsticks and eye shadows. The amazing opacity in her cosmetics are high quality and feature one-of-a-kind trends and sensuality.


In a Lime Crime world, it’s not unusual to put on peacock blue lipstick adorned with glam Diamond Crushers. These new lip toppers feature prismatic technology, allowing the lips to reflect light, dazzle and appear encrusted with priceless diamonds. Best of all, the “diamonds” don’t rub off and look elegant and full of girly fantasy.


Lime Crime eye shadows are beyond addictive in duo palettes like green grass and flamingo pink. The pairings might sound odd, but when applied, the look is edgy and street.


Doe Deere created Lime Crime so one could be in charge of their beauty.


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The Highlights of Wikipedia Wessex.

Some of the highlights of the Wessex Institute of Technology include location, Board of Directors, Research, Publishing WIT Press, Design and Nature among other info. Wessex Institute of Technology is located in the forests area known as Ashhurst Lodge in central southern England.

There are 14 members of the Board if Directors. One of the board members graduated from Wessex Institute of Technology. Only one of the members is a woman.

Wessex Institute Technology gets the funding for their programs from many counties all over the world. Italy and Spain funded the most projects for the school.

Wessex Institute of Technology publishes 12 journals. Many of these journals have to do with nature, environment, architecture, and science.

Wessex Institute of Technology has many seminars and a publication about Design and Nature. Many builders are interested in designing buildings that get along well in nature.

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The President of JHSF Jose Auriemo Neto is the New Master of Luxurious Real Estate Development in Sao Paulo

JHSF Participacoes SA is a leading Brazilian luxury real estate developer that focuses on creating top-of-the-range apartment blocks, luxurious residential houses, and commercial properties. It is also engaged in acquiring and remodeling an executive international airport, upscale hotels, and managing shopping malls. The investments it targets in Brazil are those that suit the high-income public such as administration of large shopping center complexes.

The company which was established in 1972 has a glowing reputation for identifying new market opportunities in the real estate sector. Associated with high-end property development, JHSF is also famous for providing sustainable solutions for project developments due to its pioneering, and daring innovations in the construction industry. It has rapidly expanded, and managed to consolidate its leading positions in local markets like Manaus, Salvador, Sao Paulo, and internationally in Punta Del Este in Uruguay, Miami, and New York in the U.S.A. Its headquarters is in Sao Paulo, SP, and it consists of four business units: Airport, shopping malls, and centers, luxury residential development, hotels, and restaurants. In April 2007 it was listed in the highest Corporate Governance section of the Bovespa

The man responsible for the rapid expansion of the company is a businessman known as Jose Auriemo Neto who is regarded as the new king of luxurious property development in Brazil. He is the CEO and Chairman of JHSF Participacoes SA, and he is also the administrator of the group’s interests in public developments, hotels, and the large retail and shopping mall portfolio. When the group ventured into the retail business in 2009, Auriemo Neto was credited with the signing of exclusive partnerships with Jimmy Choo, Pucci, and Hermes which led to the opening of the luxury Cidade Jadrim shopping complex. He first started working for JHSF in 1993 after graduating from the Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado University (FAAP) in Sao Paulo. His first success in real estate was in 1997 when he founded the service department for the group by creating Parkbem, a company managing parking lots. He also oversaw the development of Shopping Santa Cruz which was the group’s first shopping center.

José Auriemo Neto, presidente da JHSF, é o novo rei do luxo paulistano