Will the End Citizens United PAC Manage to Have their Name Changed Permanently?

They say that politics is a double-edged sword that can either unite people or divide them. The best thing about the elections in the country is the free and fair manner in which the entire process has been conducted since the days of the founding fathers. However, certain changes have been made to the laws that govern the elections and even though the spirit of the changes was to make the process of choosing our leaders easier, the results have been a little negative. The law is the one issue that End Citizens United PAC has been trying to address since the conclusion of the 2016 presidential race.


The argument that the group has been putting forward is that since the introduction of the Citizens United rule has made it possible for billionaires to control the politics of the day. Organizations such as the Koch brothers who are believed to introduce a lot of dirty money into politics have been indirectly endorsed, and the result will be disastrous for the Americans. However, this PAC is determined to do everything possible to ensure things do not get to that level. When they were starting out the campaign cycle, they only had $2million at their disposal to back the candidates of their choice. However, by the time the campaign period was ending, they had managed to raise that amount to more than $30 million, added the number of people they were backing and even won some of the seats.


The group has, therefore, gained the momentum they need to make the change they believe they are capable of making. Their ultimate goal is to have the Supreme Court overturn the ruling they made in 2010 and have the Super PACs kicked out of the campaign process. To make this happen, they are supposed to collect at least 1 million signatures and file a petition. So far, the group has managed to get 300,000 signatures, but they are hoping this number will be raised. They have formed an association with the ‘Ready for Hillary’ movement which has four million members in the hopes that the group will help them increase their signature numbers.


Political analysts have been talking about the group’s ambition to have the constitution changes, saying that this might not be as simple as they think. One observer claims that even if the team gets the signatures for the petition and the funds to support the process, they will still have a hard time getting the Supreme Court to listen. However, Richard Carbo, the CEO to the PAC states that they know the odds that are stacked against them, and they are ready to do everything it will take to make some lasting changes in the system.


Brad Reifler Says Money Monster Has An Important Message

As an investment advisor and financial executive, Brad Reifler took an interest in one of this last year’s top box office hits Money Monster. Reifler discussed how the storyline in the film is actually one that many middle class investors can relate to because far too often many investment companies are more interested in profiting off of investment advice and decisions instead of actually helping investors meet important goals such as securing their future and saving for major life expenses. So Reifler offered three solutions to help investors avoid meeting the money monster.

Bloomberg revealed to us that Brad Reifler said that first investors should look to other investing resources besides just stocks and the stock market in general. Reifler certainly doesn’t call on investors to avoid the stock market as it affords many opportunities, but he does believe investor portfolios should be diversified well beyond simply the stock market.

Secondly, Brad Reifler says that investors need to do careful research on the companies they choose to manage their investments to make sure they have a track record of proven results and solid company management. And then finally Reifler tells investors to stay focused on why their investing and not to deviate from their ultimate goals.

According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler began his investing career not long after completing his bachelor’s degree at Bowdoin College. He started an independent futures investing company called Reifler Trading Company, a company that grew globally and was later merged with Refco Inc.

He attracted many accredited executives and investment banking clients at his next two companies, Pali Capital and Forefront Capital and soon had made quite a name for himself as a successful portfolio manager. Two experiences in his life changed some of his business management philosophies over the years.

Back some years ago he had tried to open a college savings investment fund for his 2 daughters’ future education, but the fund had actually lost money by the time it was to mature. He also tried to help his father save for retirement through opening a good IRA account for him, but the options for investing his fathers money were limited because his father didn’t have accreditation.

According to PR News Wire, So Brad Reifler opened a new subsidiary at Forefront Capital called Forefront Income Trust directed at the 99% of unaccredited middle class Americans. Today anyone can invest in this public fund starting at only $1,000.

Learn more about Brad Reifler: http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/brad-reifler-and-forefront-capital-introduce-forefront-income-trust-1975993.htm

Felipe Montoro Jens, Brazil’s Man of Many Talents and Expertise

Through his entrepreneurial expertise, his exceptional leadership qualities, and his philanthropic initiative Felipe Montoro Jens has made a noticeable difference in the world.

Felipe Montoro Jens has over the years served on many governance boards of large premier companies where he has led the board in the development of the firm’s vision through strategic maneuvers.

Felipe Montoro Jens has, through holding senior management positions, gained the skills necessary for operational management, which includes project management, corporate finance, planning, controlling, and treasury management.

Felipe Montoro Jens has worked for Terna S.P.A. in a senior position in the Project development and structured finance division. Enron, where he was responsible for the global structured financial department. Used his consulting and auditing skills for PriceWaterhouseCoopers on their checkdirector.co.uk

Felipe Montoro Jens is on many boards of directors for influential companies in Brazil, which range Foz do Brazil SA, Fonte Nova Negocios e Participacoes, Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo, and San Antonio Energia SA. He is also the principle for Maranon Energia SA, and H2olmos on odebrecht.com. His expertise does not stop there, he is also the Executive Officer for Concesionaria Travase Olmos, Empresa de Generacion Haullaga SA, and Concessionaria Interoceanica Sur Tramo 2 and 3 SA

His education was gained at Fundao Getito Vargas here he earned a Bachelor’s degree in business at http://www.radaroficial.com.br/d/28075923. He did his postgraduate work in the United States based Thunderbird, Garvin School of International Management where he graduated with a Master’s Degree in International Management

In 2011 Felipe Montoro Jens attended, as a guest speaker, the world Economic Forum on Latin America. At the time of the forum. there were many nations that were well placed for economic growth. There were 45 different nations and over 750 regional and international leaders who showed themselves willing to be an active part of global issues mentioned on 4-traders.com. The topics that were discussed related to optimizing regional and global governance, promoting efficient collaboration for the sustainable development and, increasing productivity for growth balance.

Alexandre Gama is a Man on a Mission of Transforming Both Advertising and Entertainment Sectors in Brazil

Formerly called Neogama/BBH, the Sao Paulo-headquartered Neogama will function as a separately governed Publicis Groupe-owned agency as Alexandre Gama makes a high-status exit from BBH. Mr. Gama became the global CEO of BBH after John Hegarty left the position open. During his tenure at BBH, Mr. Gama was in charge of all global coordination matters. After relinquishing his post, he will now concentrate on steering Neogama, a company he unveiled back in 1999, to success in the highly competitive advertising sector.

Mr. Gama stated that his agency would continue working with BBH as well as other Publicis-owned agencies. He said that he enjoys creative entrepreneurship since it gives him ample time to run Neogama as well as pursue his passion for music and cars.

Mr. Gama discovered that the Brazilian entertainment sector was a bit underserved since no one had focused on promoting Guitar playing, despite many Brazilian songs being played on guitar. A couple of years ago, Mr. Gama opened an entertainment company called VIOLAB to support musical talent and guitar playing in Brazil. He enlisted the assistance of his business associate and talented guitarist, Ulisses Rocha, to create a VIOLAB website plus a YouTube Channel. VIOLAB started creating content and doing shows and festivals in 2016.

Source: http://voxnews.com.br/publicis-adquire-100-da-neogama-alexandre-gama-sera-cco-da-bbh-no-mundo/



Doe Deere – article recap

Doe Deere, the self-proclaimed “Queen of Unicorns,” is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Her vibrant line of make-up was born from her life-long passion for freedom and originality, and both these beliefs are reflected in Lime Crime’s unique style. This bold determination is at the core of Lime Crime’s mission to blaze new trails and set trends in make-up.


Russian born and raised, Doe Deere moved to the US when she was seventeen-years-old. She chased her dream of being a musician all the way to New York City, where she also studied at FIT and majored in fashion design. Her unique creative background mixed the tactile world of fashion with the emotional sphere of music, allowing Doe to explore different paths of personal expression.


Following her dream had both professional and creative lessons to teach, and Doe was more than willing to learn. Here she gained marketing skills to network herself as a musician, a talent many creative people find hard to do as it requires clear, driven confidence. Doe has never lacked for this, however. During her time in New York City, she honed her already existing entrepreneurial skills, which could even be seen during her childhood. As a teen, she sold temporary tattoos to her classmates, proving that she could not only connect with others, but find out what products they need to make them shine.


Sincere ambition isn’t the only cornerstone to Doe Deere’s success. She firmly believes in listening to your heart and trusting that everyone has their own unique potential to offer the world. Lime Crime make-up was born from Doe’s determination to find, make, and re-enforce her own special place in the universe. This compassionate belief in the value of all life is also expressed in a more concrete way with Lime Crime products, which are certified by PETA to be vegan and cruelty-free.


Doe Deere’s vision was turned into a literal goal for her cosmetics company. Her decision to make Lime Crime products vividly colored happened at a time when the beauty industry was focused on darker colors and more natural looks. To Doe Deere, make-up is freedom, and a crucial way to express yourself. Make-up can help people gain the confidence to be themselves and connect with others. Lime Crime’s ultimate goal is not to offer make-up that hides imperfections, but to help your true beauty and personality shine.


For updates, follow Doe Deere on Twitter.


The Genius Marketing Model Of Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard is a Massachusetts-based wine sales company that has adopted a highly unique home-based free wine tasting approach as a marketing tool.

The company endeavors to source the best ingredients from around the globe that are then used to produce the signature wines. Traveling Vineyard can boast of attaining 98% customer satisfaction.

The Company’s Business Model

Traveling Vineyard success in the wine market is primarily due to their marketing model. The marketing model of the company is based on recruiting wine guides who can operate from the comfort of their homes.

Once an interested individual expresses his or her desire in becoming a wine guide, the person is paired with an experienced mentor. The assigned mentor is often referred to as the ‘Leader.’ The Leader is chosen on the basis of regional proximity to the recruit.

The recruit is then thoroughly trained on how to best succeed as a wine salesperson. The training is done both through the mentor and assignment to a particular team or group of other wine guides. There is also an online based training program offered by the company that adequately arms the recruit with all the knowledge necessary to succeed.

Once properly inducted, one is ready to kick-off a marketing career as a wine guide. The company then equips with a kit christened ‘Success Kit.’ The Success Kit is a complete set of tools meant to start off. It consists of bottles of wine, glasses, glass carrier, a wine carrier and all the business operating paperwork.

Benefits of the Business Model

The merits of this business model include:

• The independence of being an own boss
• Luxury of working from home
• Flexibility in working hours since one can work from home

Benefits of Participating in the Traveling Vineyard Model

Being a participant in company’s marketing model offers one an opportunity to work with a company that provides you with all the essential guidance and support to ensure that you succeed. The implication is that the chances of failing are significantly reduced.

It also gives an opportunity for the participant to travel to new places and network. This is made possible due to the events and festivals, as well as the home wine tasting occasions.

Social Media Presence

The company can pride itself in having a foothold in the social media. On Facebook, it boasts of more than 30,000 followers and more than 3,500 followers on Instagram.

What the In-Crowd do not Tell You About Atomic Design Rochester

The Fundamentals of Atomic Design Rochester Revealed

Website design is the process of developing any internet page to make it appear more appealing yet comfortable. You can’t merely utilize website design’ as your keyword. It’s said that design is an important advertising and marketing language of sites. It’s said that design is an original advertising style of places. Web design is the procedure of developing any site to make it appear more appealing yet comfortable.

The New Fuss About Atomic Design Rochester

The companies must set the objectives they desire for their business. Thus, when you search for a design provider, you always need to have a check on their operations. Most companies have a site that is utilized to portray their content. They are taking part in digital marketing these days. An expert search engines optimization company may aid your website consistently appear at or near the top.

The Hidden Gem of Atomic Design Rochester

Web designing can let you do a good business too. A site also must have smooth functionality. At the current time and coming years, you must require a company website to broaden your business. One more important thing is that you want to learn the site very informative also. Informative, updated good designed site is x-factor to collect traffic on your site.

You don’t need to file your web site to engines like Google. It largely helps your website to boost its internet visibility. In case the site is suitably optimized and designed, more customers will discover your products and services in the several search engines. This way, you’re going to be conscious of what your website will look like before you even order. In case you have an online site that doesn’t incorporate the blog, consider adding it there.

Whenever you need to construct a website, choose the online developer’s tool that has been trusted by Mac users for over ten decades. Website designing is quite a great profession nowadays where everything is now computerized. An essential thing to stay in mind, while creating a site is it should be very attractive. It’s simple, and you may monetize the website almost instantly. If you desire an affordable website via an expert web designer for your organization in atomic design Atomic Design Atomic Design Rochester NY , then Asteroid is the online design company which could offer help. There are loads of such websites online which you might find through Google search. Individuals are having more beautiful sites full of high-quality contents to satisfy the industry trend and demand.

The Unexpected Truth About Atomic Design in Rochester, NY – 800-677-3574 – Whitepages

Your site must be found, and the sole means is to be certain the keyword phrases you chose are the specific words which people use to search for the kind of goods or services that you prefer to offer you. You can get them from any fantastic online website. You can even opt to develop a different of your site, especially for mobile gadgets. There are various neighborhood sites on the web nowadays.

By including links to your cell website on your social media pages, you offer people a simple method to get in touch with your site, where they can investigate your goods or solutions. A website is your company to the house of individuals! Hence it always demands a unique username. Although a WordPress powered site incorporates built-in SEO animated features, still you will need to find solutions to improve your website SEO.

How Eric Pulier Has Impacted Entrepreneurship And The Growth of Technology

Technology and entrepreneurship are two things that have to go together for one to run a stable venture. Eric Pulier is one of the people who have dedicated their energy and time to developing new technology and coming up with solutions for the world of business. His ideas saw the launch of several venture capitals, which include Akana Media, US Interactive, Digital Evolution and Desktone. Eric Pulier is also a philanthropist and he has channeled a lot of support to philanthropic foundations, through monetary contributions and taking part in building technologies for these foundations.


Born and raised in Teaneck, Eric Pulier started admiring technology and entrepreneurship as young as fourth grade. He wanted to one day become a renowned technologist and entrepreneur whose effort would impact the world positively. When he joined high school, his effort allowed him to launch a database company, whose success motivated him to even pursue greater ideas that would place him among successful technologists.

When he graduated in 1984 to join the Harvard University, he carried the same passion. At the Harvard University, he pursued English and American Literature. Eric Pulier also enrolled for a Computer Science degree at MIT College. He completed both courses in 1988 and emerged magna cum laude, which would usher him into a new world of entrepreneurship and opportunities.


In 1991, he relocated to Los Angeles with a focus to establish People Doing Things (PDT), a company that dealt with healthcare, education and many other issues ailing the government through technology. In 1977, he was spotted by the government and they appointed him to lead the Technology Exhibition that was part of the second inauguration of Al Gore and Bush. During this event, Eric Pulier arranged the presentations into sections to address education, technology, healthcare, space exploration, security among other things.

He also enabled a live streaming event that saw the audience interact with shuttle astronauts. With the success and prowess he displayed during this event, his profile got a new image that marketed him as a prolific technologist and he was able to ride on this success to further strengthen his position in the world of entrepreneurship and technology.


Julie Zuckerberg has an extensive history of success.

An extraordinary worker, even when compared among the nation’s established, top leaders in the industry, is Julie Zuckerberg. She made her mark by admirably running the daily responsibilities that are necessary from her while laboring diligently at Deutsche Bank, as the supervisor of the Employee Acquisition division. Julie Zuckerberg has launched an exalted standing for herself from the blending of her expansive experience and her practical talents. Julie is also distinguished for her unrivaled abilities, working hard at the side of venerated leaders in the industry and in the private finance facet of trade contacts, plus the promotional side of being a manager. Julie Zuckerberg is very practiced at difficult conversations, and also making use of complex executive affairs. Julie’s admirable collection of administration expertise is repeatedly accepted as being unusually fitting for founding a skillful team of laborers, and Julie’s enlisting ideologies for new employees are central for creating a steadfast and stable labor force. On a recurrent basis, Julie Zuckerberg has assembled together a mixture of stunning and devoted laborers, ensuring the efficiency and competence of the business with Julie’s array of capable laborers.


Julie also has adeptly stood out favorably, at her position as Chief Labor Recruiter before discovering her competence to excel as the Laborer Acquisition Overseer. Julie Zuckerberg has acquired experience to a great degree in her proficiency while laboring at the Deutsche Bank while expanding to the honored status of Vice President. During her time at this appointment, Her abilities were enhanced by supervising key associations with numerous elite business ventures, to form an astonishing assembly of qualified laborers. She has also shaped essential relations with big business acquaintances to advance management of the hiring actions for assembling collectively an extraordinary supply of employee recruits. This is key to the task of satisfying necessary and high respected roles in the company – for example, Regional Administrator, U.S. Compliance Officer, and Shareholder Acquisition, plus supplementary, yet vital positions.


Julie Zuckerberg is known for her extent of competent business talents and intelligent company foresight. Julie has in addition, thrived in the occupation of Core Applicant Assignment, all while in servitude at the Hudson Global enterprise. This valuable position was her first employment, back in 2002. For the extent of her crucial part at the Hudson enterprise, for 5 years, Julie gave to the foundation an excess of qualified laborers and she trained a talented group of laborers for a hefty quantity of distinguished enterprises.


This nonstop arrival of professional laborers was fundamental for pleasing a set of vacant positions. After she left the Hudson enterprise, she unfalteringly dedicated her gifts to the foundation Citi Global, a trustworthy consumer banking institution. For the entirety of this responsibility, Julie honed her know-how by elevating to the status of Key Supervisory Recruiter. This status permitted her the authority to bring together sophisticated approaches for managing laborers by manipulating the power of the internet, social media & by bringing in exceptionally competent laborers.

How Entrepreneur Brian Bonar Proves That San Diego Is A City For Dreamers

San Diego is the kind of city that provides the space for the people that come there to express themselves and explore their interests no matter what those interests are. Take the San Diego Comic Convention (also known as Comic Con) that happens in the Southern Californian City each year.

On its surface the event looks as though it is just for comic book enthusiasts but it’s really just for anyone who enjoys the power of storytelling and seeing how that power has been wielded by storytellers that exist in the film industry, television world and the comic book publishing space. It is also about the power of stories to bring people together.

People can go to the San Diego Comic Con and hear from actors like Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, both of whom will be starring as the world’s greatest detective Batman and Superman respectively in the film adaptation of the beloved franchise The Justice League.

The film is also going to include stars that are somewhat new to the silver screen like Jason Momoa of Game of Thrones fame as the ocean-ruling monarch Aquaman and the hero and champion of Themyscira Diana Prince also known as Wonder Woman.

People who go to Comic Con can be treated to the sight of enthusiastic fans dressed as each of these characters and they often get to see the trailers or even excerpts of highly anticipated films and television shows like the Justice League before anyone else in the general public does.

The conference also lets people interact with well-known and much beloved comic book writers like Tom Lee who is almost single-handedly responsible for creating the majority of the characters in the comic book world that have become fixtures in popular American culture.

Events like Comic Con prove that there is a place for anyone in San Diego to be successful at their goals and at achieving their own version of the American Dream no matter what that dream is. There are few people who understand this as well as Brian does.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar is a native of Scotland who was able to pursue his goal of transitioning from being a professional in the world of mechanical engineering to being a founder of businesses that were involved in other fields like finance, management and the business side of technology.

He has also been involved with the restaurant industry and has been responsible for keeping culinary luminaries like France’s Patrick Ponsaty in the area by hiring him to work for his small but growing restaurant empire.

Ponsaty, who has been awarded one of his native country’s top honors for a chef, once worked for a restaurant that Brian Bonar owned that is called Bellamy’s.