JustFab May Be Going Public

While hundreds of ecommerce subscription services are beginning to founder as the competition becomes fiercer, one company is bucking trends and may be looking to go public.

JustFab, a subscription service based around fashion and design recently hired on Todd Tappin, a skilled IPO executive which led to speculation about the company’s intentions.
In an LA Times piece, co-founder Adam Goldenberg said the company was indeed heading in that direction, but declined to lay out a time table.

“You typically take this company public at some point,” he told the publication.

In August, the company went through a corporate name change, one indicator that the company is looking to shed its former image as a startup and look more like a fully grown corporate entity. The new company name, TechStyle, Inc. includes the JustFab brand, as well as the company’s bevy of acquisitions, such as ShoeDazzle and FabKids.

While the company is doing better than their competition, it’s not without its critics. In 2014, (then JustFab, Inc.), the company paid $1.8 million to settle a lawsuit brought by attorneys in Northern California. The lawsuit claimed the company’s subscription terms weren’t explained well enough and led to customer confusion.

Goldenberg recognized the company’s issues and, according the LA Times, has revamped the process to make it easier to understand.

According to their website, JustFab’s subscription service allows users to have a tailor-made shopping experience that suits them month to month. Upon signing up, users are asked to fill out a survey that helps with the selection process, and a “personal stylist” selects items based off the answers. Users then may use their $39.95 monthly subscription fee to select the items they want, request new items, or skip the month without paying.

According to Internet Retailer and WWD, JustFab doesn’t just select things from a bin according to the TechStyle website. Everything is designed in-house, with multiple studios at the ready to seek out and design around new trends. The JustFab website also includes fashion tips, content boards, and complete outfits put together by company designers. Members also have access to designers when seeking fashion advice.

Richard Blair And Noteworthy Issues About Renting On Airbnb

For a homeowner, renting on Airbnb requires several considerations in addition to insurance. Renting a house on Airbnb provides an easy mode of making money. In addition, it makes it possible to get the cash to pay for the property. Though, current incidents have shown that hosting travelers temporarily can lead to problems. These problems arise unexpectedly.

Short time renters can injure themselves or destroy the property. Noteworthy, that is not covered by homeowner insurance. They can also damage nearby properties. Therefore, the homeowner is left with extra costs they did not expect. In some incidents, homeowners spend more in repairs and paying for treating the injuries than what they made accommodating the travelers.

For this reason, risks are a major issue that needs to be considered. Before accepting travelers into a home, a property owner has to understand that he/she will be liable for the actions of the guests. That includes injury to the guests, damage to property, illegal activities, and law suits. In addition, the tenants can refuse to pay for the services received in some incidents.

The second issue to consider is protection. Airbnb provides secondary coverage and it only comes when a property owner has finished the available funds. Additionally, many insurance policies do not cater for short term rentals. Therefore, a homeowner is responsible for the expenses related to the paid guests.

When homeowners take into account the three concerns, they have a better understanding and can be able to decide whether to rent or not. However, it is best for homeowners to seek the opinion of a qualified professional like an investment manager or an insurance expert. Wealth Solutions’ Richard Blair is a professional that can provide customized advice that is invaluable to each homeowner situation. He has served in the securities field for 22 years. Blair is the owner of Wealth Solutions that has operational headquarters in Austin, Texas.

About Richard Blair
Richard Blair is a certified income specialist and the owner of Wealth Solutions Inc. He has over 22 years experience working in the financial services field. Additionally, Richard is a certified tax specialist, retirement income certified professional, and a certified annuity specialist. He is also a certified fund specialist and a certified estate and trust specialist. Richard Blair established his company with the objective of making a change to the lives individuals, businesses, families, and businesses. He works with small business owners, individuals, as well as families in his locality. Blair holds a Bachelor of finance degree from the University of Texas.

Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/richard-blair


White Shark Media on the Rise

With the creation of internet advertising, a new marketing tool has become vital for that advertising to be the most effective. The tool is called “adwords”, which are words, also called “sponsored links” that show during an internet search containing some or all of the keywords.

The system developed to help in marketing products is called Search Engine Optimization, which is set up on a “pay per click” structure. Using this method, the advertiser pays each time someone clicks on those words or phrases as a result of a web search.

According to Microsoft, Since 2010, White Shark Media has been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the US. This Digital Marketing Agency develops online marketing strategies for small and medium-sized internet business.

The quick growth has been a result of cost-effective and successful Search Marketing operations. In addition, White Shark Media keeps track of their clients and the marketing tactics they use to ensure the clients are getting the best results from using the marketing agency to their best benefit.

The beginning of White Shark Media Review team was a combined effort by three Danish businessmen that brought together considerable experience in online marketing and offline skills as well. The three men set a goal to take over the small-to-medium sized internet business market by offering a product so exceptional combined with unique service to back up that product.


The result has become a fully bilingual employee base, willing to share their knowledge and experience to help their clients grow and prosper.

From the beginning, this company worked closely with Google and was given the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner after a few short years. This award is only given to a small group of businesses that meet Google’s training and eligibility requirements.

In addition to their work with Google, Microsoft has recognized the company and invited White Shark Media to be included in their Bing Ads Authorized Reseller program.

White Shark executives remain committed to serving their clients’ success using flat-fee marketing cost-effective solutions and no written contracts. The company remains challenged by the fast-paced market and expects to see continued growth and even more effective customer service moving forward.

Bustle.com Shows How Well Wen By Chaz Works

Bustle is very interested in product testing, and they tested WEN hair by Chaz to make sure that they had an idea of how it worked. They could have gone with someone who had thick and strong hair, but they decided that they should go for the target market of the product. They had a woman with blonde and thinning hair to test the shampoo.

She was asked to take the shampoo into the bathroom and take pictures as she went. She showed how it works at every step, and she wants to be sure that someone who wants to use the shampoo sees the right way to do it. She is very slow in her process in the article, and there is a picture of every step so that people do not miss it. She explains how it feels to use the Wen hair shampoo, and she shows how little of it is needed to work.

It is also very easy for people to make sure that they can make their hair look great, and there are some people who will notice that this is easier than the shampoo they are using at home. It takes less than they are using at home, and it is a much simpler item to use than what they have at home. Someone who is trying to make sure that their hair looks great will be able to use the Sephora endorsed shampoo.

These people can look at the pictures in the article, and the pictures in the article will prove that it works. The girl who wrote the article looks great, and it appears that her hair is much cleaner and healthier than it was when she started. Her thin hair got saved, and it was simple to use when she was ready to wash. Wen hair products are available on Amazon.

Visit the Wen hair care website: http://www.wenhaircare.com/

How to Protect Yourself Online

Technology comes with the good and bad. There is the convenience that you have easy access to information, but there is a downfall too that anyone can post anything about anyone or any company without even basing their information on facts. Rumors can be spread across the internet and people will believe what they read without any further research.

This can be very dangerous. Especially when the information that is being presented is not true. It is very important to manage your online presence and check on it often to prevent these kinds of things from happening. There are a number of ways to check for yourself to make sure this information isn’t floating out there.

• Punch your personal information into Google (and other search engines) to see what results come up for you or your company.
• Create your own personal profile and websites to offer accurate information about you and/or your company to build your online presence.
• Another way often overlooked is to ask the source to take it down. This is often the easiest and most overlooked way to have content removed. Often the website owners are more than willing to do that.

Sometimes the tasks can become difficult, especially when you already have a busy schedule. I often recommend a website who helps take a lot of the guesswork out. The name of the website is Fix Search Results, and they specialize in online reputation repair. They have a great reputation of helping to clean up the junk floating out there that can potentially lose you customers or respect.

You can always do it yourself. Some of the downfalls are time and skill set. It isn’t impossible. There are a lot of options out there. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you do it regularly and keep yourself safe from people trying to cause any problems with you or your company or it might just cost you.

Online Fabletics Fashion Stretches Into Retail Market With More Stores On Tap

Fabletics has become a fashion movement of sorts, thanks to one of its co-founders, actress Kate Hudson. Fabletics is gorgeous, on-trend active wear that is purchased mainly online through its subscription fashion retail concept, but the brand is now branching out to points beyond.

Fabletics is proud to announce that more retail stores are on the way, according to a news report by Racked.com.

Forbes magazine has revealed that Fabletics is planning some major outreach, in the name of 75 to 100 new retail stores across the country in the next three to five years. At the moment, there are seven Fabletics test stores in operation where women can go in and see the stylish active wear in person and try it on. Those stores are doing very well, says Adam Goldenberg, another co-founder of the Fabletics brand.

Fabletics is all about fashion with fab fit and function that is affordable and offers more than just work-out gear on PopSugar. Fabletics has built a brand that takes their pieces from the office into the gym and for a night out on the town. Kate Hudson likes to think of her brand as clothing that works with whatever you’re doing. It’s clothing with movement for women living a healthy, active lifestyle.

The brand has recently added a gorgeous collection of new dresses to the line, made with the same amazing textures and fabrics used in their yoga pants, tops, leggings, swimsuits and other work-out gear. The dresses are pretty with great details and perfect to wear for going on a date. The dresses are super comfy and soft with just the right amount of figure-flattering stretch. Best of all, Fabletics fashion is affordable and fun to collect.

When you become a Fabletics VIP member, you receive at least 30% off retail every time you shop. Plus, you can even buy from Kate Hudson’s personal fitness closet. Each month, the adorable star features her Fabletics favorites, and you can copy her picks.

Your first outfit only costs $25 with free shipping when you join as a VIP. There are more than one million Fabletics VIP members located around the world, so it’s a real lifestyle movement that keeps picking up steam.

We all desire excellent quality, beautiful style and pieces that allow easy movement when it comes to active wear. We also don’t want to blow our fashion budget. The Fabletics brand is designed and produced in-house in Los Angeles, so they’ve cut out the so-called middle man. That’s why the amazing value is evident in every piece they sell.

Fabletics online and in retail stores is a good thing, a really good thing for women living their lives with passion. See: https://www.facebook.com/Fabletics/

The True Essence of Love Through Kabbalah

There’s the superficial kind of love, a love that most of us in the physical world tend to live for. Then there’s the true essence of love, the one we should aspire to be. This is the form of love you are taught when you start learning at the Kabbalah Centre.

At the Kabbalah Centre you learn that love is all encompassing. You can read true testaments to this in the store of Sarah, or even Rebekah. Look at the store of Esther. She was queen and she saved the Jews. She saved them in spite of being in a bad position. Queen Ester made the ultimate sacrifice for her people, though she was covering up her own heritage at the time. This was her way of coming clean and facing the blows for it.
These stories and more are what you will be taught at the centre.

Let’s talk about how the Zohar defines it.

Based on what the Zohar teaches us it’s something completely different. It’s not about a physical touch. It’s not based on receiving candy and flower. It’s about not wanting to be with this person for one single minute. It’s about choosing this person, whoever he or she might be, over every other person out there.

The physical involves things. The true essence of love involves nothing more then time and a feeling.

Look at what happened with Queen Esther. She was willing to give up all her riches, in order to keep her own people from dying. Esther showed the ultimate true essence of love when she protected her people.

It’s all about a consciousness. Can you measure it? No. You can’t measure anything. It’s beyond anything we are taught in school or in books. This and more is all what you are taught at the Kabbalah Centre.

If you are interested in knowing about the true meaning of love and how to apply it to your own life, please visit The Kabbalah Centre online.

Marc Sparks Opens Spark Tank to Support Startup Entrepreneurs

Spark Tank is an organization that mentors start-up entrepreneurs. After the mentorship program, an entrepreneur becomes more competitive in the business industry. They get more customers, lands the best employees, and attract more investors thus maximizing their chances of success in the industry.

Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a venture capitalist who lives in Dallas, Texas. He owns many portfolio companies. Additionally, he has a wealth of experience in the business industry having owned and worked in various firms in telecommunication and real estate industries. His efforts have seen many businesses become successful.

Marc Sparks is dedicated to giving back to the community. Currently, he is authoring a book titled, “They Can’t Eat You”. The book talks about Marc’s personal life and his path to success. Moreover, the book motivates readers to achieve entrepreneurial success.

Spark Tank Innovation Challenge

Spark Tank innovation challenge offers mentorship ideas to start up entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs who are mentored, have a forcible market entry than their opponents who have not gone through the mentorship program. Experts from different fields in the business industry are chosen to guide entrepreneurs.

According to CNN, Marc Sparks also offers grants to entrepreneurs with the best business plans. The plans must revolve around provision of animal-related services, based on arts, or human service. Entrepreneurs have to fill an application to be shortlisted for the challenge.

The applicants are then selected by a panel of experts. The panel consists of professionals from public relations, human resource, research, and marketing.

Tips for quality presentation of business ideas

When submitting a business plan before venture capitalists, an entrepreneur needs to keep several points in mind. Venture capitalists must be convinced that one business idea is superior among all the other ideas based on relevant factors.

First, an entrepreneur’s business plan should be unique. A unique design captures the interest of venture capitalists. Venture capitalists only invest in businesses that are likely to return the amount invested. An idea that could be replicated easily is not worthy of a big investment. Read more: They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path To Outrageous Success

Secondly, an idea should use data as evidence of its success in the market. If the business is already in the market, it is important that an entrepreneur uses its data to show the business’ success. The data will show the potential investors that the firm is already competitive in the market.

Lastly, one must show the venture capitalists how their money will help improve the business. The money should bring visible changes to the entrepreneur’s performance such as widening market capture or expanding production to meet existing market demand.

Why an entrepreneur needs a grant

Donations can help entrepreneurs to kick off operations if they were short on capital. Grants will top up on the limited capital enabling the entrepreneur to start operations in timely manner. A grant kicks out the need to invite additional investors, which reduces one’s share of the business.

Andy Wirth KCRW explains how the drought will affect California Ski Resorts

Mr. Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings from August 2, 2010, and serves as the company’s president. He acts as the CEO and president of Alpine Meadows of Tahoe, Inc. and the Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing of Steamboat Intrawest ULC since June 1, 2006. Learn more about Andy Wirth: http://squawalpine.com/explore/blog/andy-wirth-elected-chairman-reno-tahoe-regional-air-service-corporation

He is experienced in the sales and marketing industry, and served as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation.

Mr. Andy Wirth is a talented person with a handful of skills and his enthusiasm about nature is admirable. According to the communities surrounding Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows, he is a friendly person, and they appreciate him for what he is doing for them improving the mountains and making it fun.

I happened to listen to the program “Press Play with Madeleine Brand.” where they interviewed Mr. Andy Wirth. He was there to explain how the drought will affect California Ski Resorts. He said that last winter was a tough one and particularly in California because they had less snow compared to last year’s winter.

This caused a drop in Skier visiting which was 20% less than the turnout last year. The CEO added that if this continued, they could survive quite a few winters and despite this, the company remained profitable though not as profitable as they could have been.

According to him, the company can cope with the variability of weather, and this means positioning to take advantage of the opportunities that would come out if there was an increase in snow and cold weather.

The company has 6000 acres of skiing and if there is less snow, there would still be 4000 acres of skiing left. With this, people would still have a lovely time. This is what happened past winter where they were operating with significantly below average snow. Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

The company has become exceptionally good using science in making snow, and they are also very focused on how they manage the snow.

They are building more summer visitations and summer activities and events like weddings and much more. The company is sold out for summer which is a good indication that they are doing very well.

Mr. Andy Wirth said that the business is trying to reduce their carbon footprints. They are doing this by talking to their energy companies to reduce the use of coal. According to Mr. Wirth their legacy will be what they have done to reduce their contribution to climate change.


IAP worldwide is a world leader and a revered provider for logistics, management of facilities and several other advanced professional services. It has a labor force of more than 2000 people all over the world. IAP’s reputation precedes itself and it is well known for solving the most demanding challenges that clients have to offer.

IAP worldwide does not hesitate to show up in times of dire need. Their expertise and experience is unparalleled and at a very short time can engage in heated environments such as overseas battlefields as well as in the case of a natural disaster. They are able to plan, coordinate and make difficult logistical decisions. They have a capability to handle large military installations, civilian facilities and even remote research laboratories.

For 60 years, IAP Worldwide has been striving to ensure that it lives up to its reputation and meet all its customer’s expectations if not exceeding them all. The firm has nurtured a culture of not leaving any stones unturned and ensuring that their employees give 100 percent while undertaking their duties. Furthermore, the company adopts their customer’s missions and with passion and conviction work towards finding a conclusive solution with impeccable results.

Read more:
IAP Worldwide Services Inc Panama City FL, 32405

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. | Company Profile from Hoover’s

When it comes to selecting their employees IAP worldwide strives to get the best of the best. IAP takes a lot of pride in merging unique skills, expertise and knowledge into a one unit that is effective for dealing with pressing issues. This unit becomes a powerful force that has the sole purpose of solving other people’s problems. This central approach of issues requires a high level of commitment on the part of every employee. For this reason, IAP is constantly looking for talented people who have passion and whatever they do and are able to become team players.

IAP Worldwide treats its employees with a sense of respect and dignity that is rare in any job market. Working at IAP, gives one a sense of camaraderie, equality, dedication and an ongoing recognition of work well done. IAP’s human resources professionals root for one’s success in work allocated to your as per the mission. This goes a long way in ensuring that IAP delivers top notch services to its customers. IAP also is wired to develop as well as implement support programs and processed that add value in the eyes of both the client and IAP.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide