Securus Technologies transforms inmate communication

Securus Technologies has played a huge role by keeping families together through allowing them to communicate their children. The video visitation program comes in the form of a video call online. The service provided by the company is important because it allows inmates to participate in the special occasions within the home. Inmates can take part in events such as parties and Christmas. The traditional methods of communication in correction facilities was mainly through letters and phone calls. Even though they served their purpose of communication, the communication methods were not effective enough.


Securus Video Visitation program has shown the importance of keeping in touch with family during the holiday say. In the past, it has usually been difficult to maintain contact and for inmates to see their families. Visits can be scheduled at any time at the convenience of the correction facilities. The video visitation program eliminates the need of going for a visit to the correction facility. Traditional visits had a limit to allowing children. It meant that children were limited to letters and voice calls. It became tough for young children that found it difficult to talk with someone they could not see.


The video visitation app by Securus has been designed specifically for inmates. The technology has been installed and is currently in use in several correction facilities. Through the application, inmates communicate with their loved ones and keep in touch on a regular basis. The video call makes use of a terminal on the prisoner’s end and a mobile device on the other end. Communication is achieved mainly by sending and receiving video images. The person visiting the inmate should initiate the video call. One has first to sign up to be able to use the program. The signing up process involves the company taking information about the user’s ID and their photo. One schedules for a visit and the inmate will be informed of the visitation time.


Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The firm has installed its communication services in the entire United States. Almost all correction facilities have these kinds of communication devices. Securus has strived to create constant communication among families. Parents that have used the program in the past have been able to assist their children with finishing up homework. Imagine being in a correction facility but being able to watch your child’s sporting event or birthday party. The kind of technology provided by the company has created the biggest change in correction facilities.



The Next Actions of Democratic Donor George Soros Post-Election 2016

After the grueling United States election of 2016, most people were worn out from the long road traveled to get to the end of a Hunger Games-like election. Those in particular who were worn out were part of the Hillary Clinton campaign, after a loss of the electoral college votes. The Clinton crew were pleased with their dramatic win of the popular votes in the country, but perhaps it made the struggle seem even more in vain.

Hillary Clinton has kept a fairly low profile since the election. She has been spotted doing speeches for the Children’s Defense Fund and other foundation events. Former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton have been taking some relaxing nature walks with their dogs as well. The one person who has not made much of a public comment about this election result is George Soros.

George Soros is perhaps the only liberal billionaire who is active and somewhat public about his donations to the United States Democratic party and other liberal political parties around the world. He is known for his concern of human rights and his fight for improving societies. He has called his donations an obligation to help where he can since he has enough money for himself and his family to live completely comfortable for many years to come.

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Here’s How George Soros’s Latest Predictions Have Played Out

For the 2016 election, George Soros donated approximately 25 million to Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party. He may have donated more the closer it came to election day, as he has a fortune of $24.9 billion. Other wealthy Democrats donated to the Clinton presidential campaign, but George Soros is likely the one who donated the most. His concern about this election he wrote about in a column that mainly focused on how ineffective he viewed Donald Trump or Ted Cruz to be at fighting ISIS and other terror groups.

His silence after the election was not due to inactivity. George Soros and other Democratic party leaders assembled for a three day meeting in Washington. The “secret” meeting had visits from House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Caucus co-chairman Keith Ellison. The meeting was about ways to fight against Trump’s moves to remove the Affordable Care Act and other parts of President Obama’s time in office. The meeting additionally covered how to reassess the Democratic party’s future plans for the next elections. A few Democratic party members points out that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by a large margin and Trump had fewer votes than Mitt Romney received in 2008, so they should not think they need to reassess their strategy too far. This individual suggested the entire Democratic party just needs a candidate that appeals to American voters all over the country to come out to vote in droves.

Although a spokesperson for George Soros could not be reached and he has not made a public statement, it is clear that he is focused on opposing president elect Donald Trump since he met with the Democratic party leaders in Washington. Soros does not typically attend very many of these types of meetings. The future of the United States remains in a divide, but perhaps Democrats across the country may draw some comfort from the news of Democratic party leaders already discussing their future plans.

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The Benefits of the Lung Trap

The use of stem cells to cure disease and illness is advancing rapidly, and The Lung Institute is one of the organizations leading the charge. Intrepid medical explorers there have learned how to use the body’s own processes to get lung stem cells exactly where they need to be to treat illness.

Stem cells are harvested from the body and then reintroduced intravenously. Like all IV medications, the stem cells are carried by the blood directly into the right chamber of the heart. Once there, medication or stem cells are sent to the lungs within one or two heartbeats. Unfortunately according to BCM Studies, this is often where the medication stops as it becomes trapped in the lungs. Though this lung trap is a problem for many medications, it serves stem cells intended to treat lung disease well.

Any stem cells caught in the lungs are actually located exactly where they need to be. It is in the lungs that injected stem cells slowly develop into lung cells, serving to replace damaged or diseased cells that are no longer functioning properly. Though the process takes time, many with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other chronic diseases do say they have noticed an improvement in their condition. Their testimonials serve as a ray of hope for others struggling with chronic lung issues.

If you’re living with COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, interstitial lung disease or other lung problems, you should know that the The Lung Institute is the leading treatment organization in the United States. Serving over 3,000 patients, they work tirelessly to research stem cell technology and move it from the lab to patients as quickly and safely as possible, allowing everyone to breathe a little easier.

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Refinancing Your Car With Ignition Financial Will Cut Your Car Payment Now

Buying a new car can be an exiting experience. Unfortunately, the car buying process can seem complicated and confusing to the average person. This is because most people have little experience with dealing with all of the issues that arise during the purchasing of a new vehicle. The complications involved in financing an automobile can only add to the confusion. But when its all said and done you drive off the lot in a new car with a new and sometimes large car payment. After awhile a large monthly car payment can become a burden and you may be wondering: How can I slash my payments on my car? The answer is to refinance your car with Ignition Financial.


In a tough economy, you need to save money everywhere that you can. One thing that most people don’t think about is to refinance their cars. When you buy a car from a dealer there are a lot of hidden costs that you are probably not aware of. One of the major hidden expenses is in the way that the auto financing process works. You may have noticed that car dealers are anxious to arrange auto financing for you. The reason that they are so happy to arrange financing for you is that they make a lot of money off of doing it.


Car dealerships have a deal with the banks that allows them to add on a few extra percentage points of interest and keep the money for themselves. When you consider the price of a new car, you will quickly realize how much money this added interest can amount to. The financial aspect of the car buying process is so profitable that car dealers hire experts whose sole job is to talk you into agreeing to their loan terms. These people are experts at manipulating the length of the car loan so that the car payments still stay within the customers stated budget. Most people have no idea that the car dealer is ripping them off.


When you refinance your car, you get to deal directly with the lender. There are no hidden costs. When you begin the refinancing process, you will immediately see how much money that you can save each month. This extra money that you are saving every month can be put to good use. You can use the extra money to pay your car off sooner or to pay other bills.

The Best Advice for Financial Support

The Davos Financial Group is a financial adviser incorporation created by David Osio in order to meet the particular needs of Latin American individuals currently living within the United States of America. Since its original creation the company has successfully helps clients and making correct financial decisions, such as whether or not it makes sense to purchase a new home current retail prices, what investment opportunities clients have at their disposal, as well as other useful advice such as whether or not it makes sense to start a small business. This advice is usually come from in person contact with a adviser Davos Financial Group, although now it looks like that’s no longer the only option that a customer has in order to get financial advice. It was recently released by the company that they have begun the launch of a powerful application known as Davis CAD calculator. The calculators successfully calculate the return customers can make on real estate properties. This is great news for Company CEO and owner David Osio, who has sought for a long time to find ways to assist people from his background.


Osio is a native of Venezuela, where he began his professional career as a lawyer representing individuals who oftentimes cannot speak for themselves. Well he enjoyed working in his home country, Lucio felt like he would be able to better serve the Latin Community by moving to Miami, Florida and beginning a financial adviser incorporation there. The Davis Financial Group con glamour it was formed for the sole purpose of helping Latino American customers in their investment proceeds with in America. The company has been very successful since it was created, and millions of Latino Americans have been able to make correct financial decisions based upon the professional advice that Davos Financial Group offers then.


For his work as a dedicated professional adviser, David Osio has successfully move forward with his humanitarian position on assisting Latino Americans with their financial issues. Many of his clients are unable to speak English, as their primary language is Spanish. Since Osio attempts to help these people and the financial Marketplace in order to make the correct decisions, translation and interpretation jobs are often something that have to be integrated. By providing these resources for his customers David Osio has positioned himself as a prestigious and well representing member of the Latin American community.

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Evaluating IAP Worldwide’s Dominance of the Global Logistics Industry

IAP Worldwide is a global-scale provider of exceptional logistics services. The company mainly focuses on offering facility management and logistics services in war-torn parts of the world, and regions that are plagued by disaster. It has outposts in over twenty countries, where it has a staff of over 2000 employees. A majority of these employees have a background in the military on Monster. Owing to this, they have the experience and know-how of working in disaster-prone regions.

IAP Worldwide has been serving governments, military organizations, and private corporations for over sixty years. During this time, it has made a name for itself within and beyond the industry due to its timely delivery of services. Its longevity in the industry is owed to the firm’s ability to tailor its services to meet clients’ mandates. The company’s operations are similarly highly flexible and scalable, which explains why it serves a wide array of clients. Workplace flexibility on has enabled IAP Worldwide to adapt to emergent technologies in the course of its existence.

IAP’s Ideals and Beliefs

Like any other company, IAP Worldwide has a set of beliefs, which have been its main guiding light. The firm believes that it is only through a high level of expertise, ingenuity, and the use of verified technology, that the needs of the logistics industry can be met. Since its inception, it has endeavored to own its client’s problems since this enables it to copiously address them. Its technicians on Hoovers possess an incomparable degree of creativity, experience, and agility, qualities that come in handy in the line of duty. It is due to this that IAP Worldwide has gained the ability to undertake contracts that are deemed to be intolerable by others.

The firm is belongs to an exclusive band of corporations that have a value charter. In its case, the charter emphasizes the importance of intellectual inquisitiveness and precision. In addition, ethical business practices are held in high esteem. As a result of this, IAP Worldwide Services has managed to provide industry leadership and motivation to other firms. These values have similarly enabled it to adjust to the ever-changing needs of the consumer market. The value charter has equally strengthened IAP’s dedication towards local communities.

Humanitarian Initiatives

IAP believes that with greater success, it has a greater obligation towards the community. This is why it has steadfastly been supporting numerous initiatives in places where it has outposts. The company’s humanitarian efforts have specifically been focused on integrating veterans into the community. It is similarly involved in environmental conservation. More information on

Securus Makes Public A Detailed Account Of GTL’s Inaccurate Accusations

Corrections to gross inaccuracies that were part of a press release by GTL in February of 2016 were issued by Securus Technologies briefly after the fact. The company, a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions, made public a detailed account of GTL’s profound errors and mischaracterizations.


To Richard A. Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, GTL’s statements come as no surprise. Mischaracterizing the nature the recent ruling by the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, GTL have falsely suggested that Securus does not have much in the way of technology, software development or patent portfolio. In reality, Securus has the lead in both technology and patents, with 239 issued and pending versus GTL’s mere 66. “With a poor history of issuing factually accurate patent related press releases, it is not surprising to me that GTL gets wrong what they put in press releases,” said Smith.


Having spent over 800 million dollars developing products that aid the work of the corrections and law enforcement sectors, Securus has made it a priority to protect their intellectual property with US patents. To Smith, the idea that GTL would suggest this is somehow wrong is simply ludicrous.


This behaviour seems particularly unruly considering the ten years of licensing agreements between the two organizations, most of which had GTL agreeing to pay a license fee for the use of Securus’ patents. Nonetheless, the company’s main concern is to develop and implement solutions to tangible problems that affect their costumers and society in general.

New App Announced By Davos Real Estate Group

The Davos real estate group, which is owned and presided over by David Osio, has announced to their customers that they have created a new App by the name of Davos CAP calculator. The app will help the customers to get a rough estimate of the returns that they are likely to get from an investment before they make it.

This company, which is a subsidiary of David Osio’s Davos Financial Group, has brought about the app because of the increasing need to help their clients make informed decisions. The App was developed using the latest technology and works well with both IOS and android platforms. The app is the first of the many upgrades that the company plans to create for their customers to help them access real time information about the markets they want to invest in.

The app was built because of a strong collaboration between the Gerald Gonzalez and the company Teknolution. The main aim of the app is to estimate the potential appreciation of a property that a customer is interested in so that they can decide whether to invest in it or not. The features that the app will have include a mortgage calculator. This will allow clients to have a projection of the mortgage amount they are likely to pay depending on the projections of the bank.

In addition to this App, there are other steps that the company has been taking to improve the delivery of their services to their clients. For instance, they have expanded their platform for agents and have now accommodated 60 percent more. This has paid off well for them as they have seen their sales increase by more than 75 percent in the first half of 2016.

About David Osio

David Osio is a financial advisor, investor and real estate expert. He has come a long way to get to the level of success he is enjoying today. His journey started when he attained a degree from the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello which is located in Caracas, Venezuela. After attaining the first degree, he moved to the US to pursue a higher degree. He joined the Miami Chapter of the Banco Latino and thus began his journey to success.

David has been on the forefront when it comes to creation of initiatives that assist his clients achieve better investment portfolios. He is also a family man and a philanthropist with many great causes to his name.

Norka’s Musical Dreams

Norka Dubrazka Soraya Martinez Luque, a renowned Venezuelan singer, uses her singing talent to pass on encouragement and positivity to the world. She is supported by a famous Latino producer, Emilio Estefan, who has been a great support to her music career. She is a motivated dreamer who has believed in possibilities since she was little.

Her talent was natured at a young age after her parents discovered that she loved singing. Since then, they exposed her to all kinds of musical instruments and led her to music classes. She started going to music competitions and festivals which further improved her skill. At the age of eight, she had already done her first production. After high school, she went for higher studies in France where she joined a band. She studied business but alongside she did fashion and culinary arts. It is during the time in school that she met Emilio, her current producer. She describes the encounter as a dream come true. Emilio, being a prominent and influential producer, didn’t hesitate to make the best out of her. In one of her interviews, Norka says that Emilio has to approve of anything that she did.

Norka has also worked with Archie Pena, Hermanos Gaitan among other famous song composers. She is proud to have shared a stage with great musicians like Shakira and Beyoncé. She is featured in many major events, for instance, the Billboard Bash; an event hosted by State Farm for the celebration of music. Industrious sponsors like Pepsi and Rum Ron Atlantico and extinguished guests for instance Dj Juan facilitated the event.

After suffering from a traumatic personal disaster, she had gained too much weight which she later discovered was a blessing in disguise. The crisis opened her to a brighter life where she chose to appreciate every minute she will live. She has embarked on physical exercise for her body fitness guided by the same instructor as Beyoncé and is determined to continue with it till she reaches her desired weight.

She says that passing positive messages through music to supporters is the responsibility of every musician. In her single, miracle, she brings to life love, passion and joy as an example to her colleagues. She knows that it is her predestined obligation to use her musical voice to touch souls and is ready to work it until completion. Her music is available in media music sites for instance sound cloud and has a Facebook page; NorkaMusic.


The Dedication of Thor Halvorssen

It is a vast understatement to say that human rights activist, Thor Halvorssen, is dedicated to his job. He is so committed to it that he gladly endured all manner of persecution and works 24/7 throughout the year. In 2010, he videotaped himself interviewing the pastor of a Vietnamese government-banned church.

He was captured and beaten by the Vietnamese police for this trespass. He is the ultra-dedicated president of Human Rights Foundation. A commitment to political and human rights issues runs throughout his family ancestry which is filled with lots of political opponents and defenders.

It runs on both parent’s side. On his mother’s side, among others, he is a descendant of Cristobal Mendoza, the first president of Venezuela and Simon Bolivar who helped liberate Latin America from Spain. On his father’s side, among others, he is the grandson of the famed Oystein who was the king of Venezuela’s consul during World War II. Read more:  Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

His mother and father themselves were both persecuted for fighting for what was right. His father imprisoned and tortured for trying to expose corruption in the Venezuelan government and his mother was shot at an anti-Hugo Chavez demonstration.

Thor and all of his ancestors have shared a firm belief in the utmost importance of issues involving human rights. Yes, he shares this human rights emphasis and dedication, yet he is very unlike other activists. Most dedicated activists are ironically angry with everyone else. This is not the case for Halvorssen.

His love for all of mankind drives him to seek to repair rights infringements wherever it lurks. Thor Halvorssen is also different because he appears less liberal than most human activists. In fact, he has been accussed of being decidedly anti-liberal, but Thor Halvorssen insists that he is liberal, just a classic liberal.

To partner with him in his quest, he appointed Vaclav Havel as HRF chairman. A role which he held until his death in 2011.

In his place, Halvorssen put Garry Kasparov, who proved to be as fully committed and hands-on as Halvorssen himself. Shortly after he was appointed to the role, he was tortured by Russian police after protesting the unjust imprisonment of a band that sang an anti-Putin song.