How Eric Pulier Has Impacted Entrepreneurship And The Growth of Technology

Technology and entrepreneurship are two things that have to go together for one to run a stable venture. Eric Pulier is one of the people who have dedicated their energy and time to developing new technology and coming up with solutions for the world of business. His ideas saw the launch of several venture capitals, which include Akana Media, US Interactive, Digital Evolution and Desktone. Eric Pulier is also a philanthropist and he has channeled a lot of support to philanthropic foundations, through monetary contributions and taking part in building technologies for these foundations.


Born and raised in Teaneck, Eric Pulier started admiring technology and entrepreneurship as young as fourth grade. He wanted to one day become a renowned technologist and entrepreneur whose effort would impact the world positively. When he joined high school, his effort allowed him to launch a database company, whose success motivated him to even pursue greater ideas that would place him among successful technologists.

When he graduated in 1984 to join the Harvard University, he carried the same passion. At the Harvard University, he pursued English and American Literature. Eric Pulier also enrolled for a Computer Science degree at MIT College. He completed both courses in 1988 and emerged magna cum laude, which would usher him into a new world of entrepreneurship and opportunities.


In 1991, he relocated to Los Angeles with a focus to establish People Doing Things (PDT), a company that dealt with healthcare, education and many other issues ailing the government through technology. In 1977, he was spotted by the government and they appointed him to lead the Technology Exhibition that was part of the second inauguration of Al Gore and Bush. During this event, Eric Pulier arranged the presentations into sections to address education, technology, healthcare, space exploration, security among other things.

He also enabled a live streaming event that saw the audience interact with shuttle astronauts. With the success and prowess he displayed during this event, his profile got a new image that marketed him as a prolific technologist and he was able to ride on this success to further strengthen his position in the world of entrepreneurship and technology.


Julie Zuckerberg has an extensive history of success.

An extraordinary worker, even when compared among the nation’s established, top leaders in the industry, is Julie Zuckerberg. She made her mark by admirably running the daily responsibilities that are necessary from her while laboring diligently at Deutsche Bank, as the supervisor of the Employee Acquisition division. Julie Zuckerberg has launched an exalted standing for herself from the blending of her expansive experience and her practical talents. Julie is also distinguished for her unrivaled abilities, working hard at the side of venerated leaders in the industry and in the private finance facet of trade contacts, plus the promotional side of being a manager. Julie Zuckerberg is very practiced at difficult conversations, and also making use of complex executive affairs. Julie’s admirable collection of administration expertise is repeatedly accepted as being unusually fitting for founding a skillful team of laborers, and Julie’s enlisting ideologies for new employees are central for creating a steadfast and stable labor force. On a recurrent basis, Julie Zuckerberg has assembled together a mixture of stunning and devoted laborers, ensuring the efficiency and competence of the business with Julie’s array of capable laborers.


Julie also has adeptly stood out favorably, at her position as Chief Labor Recruiter before discovering her competence to excel as the Laborer Acquisition Overseer. Julie Zuckerberg has acquired experience to a great degree in her proficiency while laboring at the Deutsche Bank while expanding to the honored status of Vice President. During her time at this appointment, Her abilities were enhanced by supervising key associations with numerous elite business ventures, to form an astonishing assembly of qualified laborers. She has also shaped essential relations with big business acquaintances to advance management of the hiring actions for assembling collectively an extraordinary supply of employee recruits. This is key to the task of satisfying necessary and high respected roles in the company – for example, Regional Administrator, U.S. Compliance Officer, and Shareholder Acquisition, plus supplementary, yet vital positions.


Julie Zuckerberg is known for her extent of competent business talents and intelligent company foresight. Julie has in addition, thrived in the occupation of Core Applicant Assignment, all while in servitude at the Hudson Global enterprise. This valuable position was her first employment, back in 2002. For the extent of her crucial part at the Hudson enterprise, for 5 years, Julie gave to the foundation an excess of qualified laborers and she trained a talented group of laborers for a hefty quantity of distinguished enterprises.


This nonstop arrival of professional laborers was fundamental for pleasing a set of vacant positions. After she left the Hudson enterprise, she unfalteringly dedicated her gifts to the foundation Citi Global, a trustworthy consumer banking institution. For the entirety of this responsibility, Julie honed her know-how by elevating to the status of Key Supervisory Recruiter. This status permitted her the authority to bring together sophisticated approaches for managing laborers by manipulating the power of the internet, social media & by bringing in exceptionally competent laborers.

How Entrepreneur Brian Bonar Proves That San Diego Is A City For Dreamers

San Diego is the kind of city that provides the space for the people that come there to express themselves and explore their interests no matter what those interests are. Take the San Diego Comic Convention (also known as Comic Con) that happens in the Southern Californian City each year.

On its surface the event looks as though it is just for comic book enthusiasts but it’s really just for anyone who enjoys the power of storytelling and seeing how that power has been wielded by storytellers that exist in the film industry, television world and the comic book publishing space. It is also about the power of stories to bring people together.

People can go to the San Diego Comic Con and hear from actors like Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, both of whom will be starring as the world’s greatest detective Batman and Superman respectively in the film adaptation of the beloved franchise The Justice League.

The film is also going to include stars that are somewhat new to the silver screen like Jason Momoa of Game of Thrones fame as the ocean-ruling monarch Aquaman and the hero and champion of Themyscira Diana Prince also known as Wonder Woman.

People who go to Comic Con can be treated to the sight of enthusiastic fans dressed as each of these characters and they often get to see the trailers or even excerpts of highly anticipated films and television shows like the Justice League before anyone else in the general public does.

The conference also lets people interact with well-known and much beloved comic book writers like Tom Lee who is almost single-handedly responsible for creating the majority of the characters in the comic book world that have become fixtures in popular American culture.

Events like Comic Con prove that there is a place for anyone in San Diego to be successful at their goals and at achieving their own version of the American Dream no matter what that dream is. There are few people who understand this as well as Brian does.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar is a native of Scotland who was able to pursue his goal of transitioning from being a professional in the world of mechanical engineering to being a founder of businesses that were involved in other fields like finance, management and the business side of technology.

He has also been involved with the restaurant industry and has been responsible for keeping culinary luminaries like France’s Patrick Ponsaty in the area by hiring him to work for his small but growing restaurant empire.

Ponsaty, who has been awarded one of his native country’s top honors for a chef, once worked for a restaurant that Brian Bonar owned that is called Bellamy’s.

Squaw Valley Statement

As first reported on Nov. 8, the upper mountain water systems at Squaw Valley Ski Holdings showed signs of E. coli and coliform bacteria contamination. A statement was issued by Squaw Valley in response to the initial reports. The water systems at Squaw Valley have been regularly treated since the findings. Of the four wells that supply upper mountain at Squaw Valley, three still show signs of contamination. Coliform bacteria is noted as still present in low levels, while the E. coli has been fully eradicated according to Wesley Nicks, the Director of Placer County Environmental Health. Although skiing is still allowed in full capacity, restaurants remain closed at upper mountain, as the drinking water is not yet suitable for consumption.

Based on Squaw Valley’s statement, flooding at one of upper mountain’s newly upgraded water systems occurred, due to uncharacteristic torrential rains. Only one system was affected and the contamination was not allowed to spread to any of the other systems due to the issue being quickly acted upon by officials at Squaw Valley. No contaminated water was ever available to the public. The Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District were contacted immediately after routine testing discovered the presence of E. coli and coliform bacteria. In order to bring about the quickest, most effective result, other leading water safety experts were contacted immediately and have since been working on a permanent solution. As they are committed to keeping safety at the forefront of their priorities, Squaw Valley has remained committed to not returning to a normal water usage schedule until the contamination is no longer present. All facilities will be fully available for guest usage and bottled water will be supplied until the resort returns to its regular schedule. Updates on the status of the water systems at upper mountain will be provided to guests consistently until the go-ahead is given by the water safety experts. Squaw Valley would like to thank the Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District for their consistent efforts in finding the best possible resolution.

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Experts Meet To Discuss About Williamson County’s Traffic Challenges

Recently, transit experts came together to provide solutions to the traffic problems in Williamson County. The Austin’s suburban community has been experiencing huge traffic. Williamson County Growth Summit was organized to find viable solution to this concern. The summit hopes that by solving the problem in the county, it will be able to ease congestion in Austin City and enhance growth of the community.

The organizers of the summit invited many experts. Some of those present were Mike Heiligenstein of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, Jared Ficklin of ArgoDesign, Joseph Kopser and Leandre Johns of Texas External Affairs. The experts focused on how technology can be used to ease traffic jams as traditional solutions of building roads with more lanes are becoming expensive and ineffective. The summit was held at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center.

Heiligenstein noted that the adoption of new technologies such as driverless vehicles and ridesharing application could help solve the menace, as there will be lesser traffic on the road. The increasing Austin population is putting more pressure on its suburban, and there is the need to build more roads that meet modern standards. Such standards include smarter roads that can direct vehicles to areas with less traffic and automatically warn drivers of accidents or poor road conditions. This information was originally reported on Biz Journal as provided in this link

He also appreciated the work that the county has done in the last 15 years. According to Mike, the county has done a commendable job on its infrastructure. However, the work done has not been adequate as the county’s population is growing very fast. This growth has been brought about the movement of people from other areas. He noted that any new road in the county should be efficient and technically advanced.

Another solution proposed at the summit was the development of flexible building and land-use codes. Optimized parking lots that could help solve traffic problems in the city cannot be constructed as the proposed plans are against building codes. Moreover, some areas that were marked as residential areas should be converted into roads or parking lots to cater for the increasing traffic.

About Mike Heiligenstein

Mike is a Texas-based transit expert. He has headed the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority since its inception in 2002. Mike is the agency’s executive director and has been involved in improving mobility in Austin City and its neighboring communities. The executive leader is also the president of International Bridge, Tunnel, and Turnpike Association.

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Leaning Away From Big Names in the NBA Betting World

The NBA is an interesting sport because it is constantly evolving and always grabbing the headlines. With 82 games in a season, tons of star power, and a wide array of teams the NBA can be easy to get caught up in. Recently we’ve seen the Golden State Warriors become something of a major sporting phenom. With so much star power in Golden State gamblers are flocking to their games in massive numbers, but that doesn’t mean that you should too. Let’s head over to in order to analyze some recent betting trends and how you can take advantage of this recent trend.

Golden State has become a black hole for gamblers thus far this year. Despite all of the information available on, including the latest NBA odds, fans just aren’t getting it. Through the first 40 games of the 2017 NBA season the Golden State Warriors were posting a paltry ATS record of 16 – 23 – 1. These basketball odds don’t look good, do they? Golden State is notorious for turning it on in the second half of the season and with so much star power on the same team they might actually get going. The NBA is always changing, as we’ve said before, so pay attention as things could change.

Pushing Golden State out of the conversation for a minute you should head over to and research some other teams. People tend to flock to the ‘attractive teams’ in the NBA, like Cleveland and Houston, but that doesn’t mean that you should too. Focus instead on some of the up and coming teams with star talent that can make you money instead. For example, consider betting on a Philadelphia team with a healthy Joel Embiid at the helm. While it isn’t likely that Philadelphia is going to upset any top tier talent, thus winning you big money, they should play it way closer than common and prevailing thought.

At the end of the day what you need to do is keep abreast of the rapidly changing news that surrounds the NBA. Times around the All Star Break get the most hectic with teams trying to shuffle their roster in order to make a run at the post season or another team trying to sell off their best assets. With some research and a bit of luck you’ll be able to turn this information into a big win or two in your future.

Cleansing Conditioners 101 By WEN By CHAZ

There is a new trend in the hair care industry- cleansing conditioners. They came at a time when most people were almost giving up on their brittle hair. They have been the true messiah for damaged and dry hair. Cleansing conditioners have received a lot of praise, both from celebrities and the non-celebrities. So WEN By CHAZ decided to elaborate more on the topic so that you as a buyer can make an informed decision.

What Exactly is a Cleansing Conditioner?
A cleansing conditioner is a 2-in-1 formula that combines the benefits of both shampoos and conditioners. Like shampoos, they help to reduce buildup in your hair. However, unlike shampoos, they are made using fatty alcohols instead of the harsh detergents and chemicals that are used in shampoos. For that reason, they cleanse your hair but will not strip off the natural oils. Other than that, they offer the conditioning benefits that would be achieved from a regular shampoo. This way, they help you achieve healthier, lustrous and soft hair.

Some Benefits of Cleansing Conditioners

Healthier Hair
If shampoos were getting in your way of achieving healthy hair, then you now have a solution. It comes in the form of a cleansing conditioner. A cleansing conditioner will not only protect your hair from losing natural oils. Rather, they have fatty acids to aid moisturizing. This is very crucial in achieving lustrous hair. Particularly, in people with dry and coarse hair types. Other than that, they balance your PH so that they your scalp does not produce excessive oil. Therefore, becoming very beneficial for those with oil hair.

Prevent Hair Breakage
Are you always afraid to wash your hair because of the pile of breaking hair that is left behind? Cleansing conditioners can help you with that. They do not foam much. Hence, will not weigh down your hair. Additionally, because cleansing conditioners do not have any sulfates in them, they will not weaken your hair, causing strands to break as you comb through.

If you would like to try cleansing conditioners on your hair, WEN By CHAZ is your brand of choice

WEN By CHAZ is a hair care product line that was founded by Chaz Dean. They are the first producers of cleansing conditioners. With a wide range of cleansing conditioners, WEN By CHAZ has something for everyone, from volume addition, treatment of oily, dry or itchy skin to a cleansing conditioner befitting each hair type.

Nationwide Title Clearing Stands up to Title Defects

The Issue


NTC has made it a goal to provide a simple, fast, step-by-step process of securing property reports. Our property report services are based on research conducted from actual land records and are accessible for any residential property nationwide,” said John Hillman, CEO of Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc.


In recent years, Title defects have become something of an issue within the Real Estate market as they can cause wrongful foreclosures as well as preventing the smooth transition of assets within the market. Nationwide Title Clearing has stepped up to the challenge of combating these defects to ensure everything within the market continues going along at a smooth pace with as few errors as possible. To do this, the company has updated their website and has begun acquiring as many property reports as they can to be displayed online ensuring quick and easy access to any report. There’s more to it than just that however as NTC achieves its outstanding performance via obtaining data from multiple sources, one of them being counties. This is also in addition to the combination of automation and human verification creating a service like no other.


The most common title defects that happen within the industry are as follows:


  • A person or entity lays a claim upon currently owned property.
  • Wording issues within the document that doesn’t comply with the area’s real estate standards.
  • Lack of a signature from a party necessary to the transaction.
  • The title possesses encumbrances, thus making it impossible to be marketed.
  • Failure of recording procedures when recording real estate documents.



To combat against these errors, NTC has put the following four features on their site:

The Company Confronting the Issue

  • Assignment Verification Report Services
  • Ownership and Encumbrance Report
  • Tax Status Report
  • Tax Status (Plus) Report



Founded in Palm Beach, Florida in 1991 Nationwide Title Clearing is a privately-owned company that specializes in researched and document-processing for the real estate industry. NTC possesses document experts and records that enable them to find and fulfill any land based needs for 3,600 jurisdictions across the nation. They are also known for providing the most accurate findings within the real estate industry. NTC has won a collection of awards based upon their growth that was a result of their success.

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NTC Study Examines Client Cost Savings

Steps to Glory in a Tough Russian Economy

Alexei Beltyukov is a renowned venture capitalist and the founder of NGT synthesis. Alexei attained his MBA from INSEAD, and later joined Singularity University for an Executive Program in disruptive technologies and then entered Stanford University to study business and technical things. Earlier, Alexei had a Doctor in Medicine majoring in internal medicine.

Alexei kicked off his career path as an associate for McKinsey & Company, which offers lead projects in the transportation industry, and later got promoted to the engagement manager position in the same company.

After working for five years, Alexei moved on to Brunswick Capital where he oversaw most of its initial processes including hiring new employees, raising first external investments, and managing initial contracts. At Brunswick Capital, Alexei demonstrated management skills as the VP Business development that made him be included on the board of directors.

In 2004, Alexei got a job at Renova Project as the Chief Operational Officer and then as the CEO. After a while, he moved to Skolkovo Foundation as the Senior VP for Business development a position he used to make the company grow in profits, clients, and employees.

Alexei then moved to A-Ventures a firm that deals with the operational turnaround. After the company got sold in 2014, Alexei became the director at SOLVY, an online platform that brings teachers and students to interact and makes mathematics simple and enjoyable.

In 2013, Alexei Beltyukov founded Endemic capital an early stage of Angel investment club. Later, he became a council member of Moscow Exchange and a member observer at Foro Energy. Alexei is the founder and the chairman of the board of New Gas Technologies a company he established in 2006. The company deals with upgrading low octane products and a minimum payback of 1-2 years.

Alexie Beltyukov has had a series of success which he claims to have achieved through hard work and patience. Alexei uses social media to publish his business and finance articles as well as a platform to make young entrepreneurs have courage in their undertakings.

Securus Technologies transforms inmate communication

Securus Technologies has played a huge role by keeping families together through allowing them to communicate their children. The video visitation program comes in the form of a video call online. The service provided by the company is important because it allows inmates to participate in the special occasions within the home. Inmates can take part in events such as parties and Christmas. The traditional methods of communication in correction facilities was mainly through letters and phone calls. Even though they served their purpose of communication, the communication methods were not effective enough.


Securus Video Visitation program has shown the importance of keeping in touch with family during the holiday say. In the past, it has usually been difficult to maintain contact and for inmates to see their families. Visits can be scheduled at any time at the convenience of the correction facilities. The video visitation program eliminates the need of going for a visit to the correction facility. Traditional visits had a limit to allowing children. It meant that children were limited to letters and voice calls. It became tough for young children that found it difficult to talk with someone they could not see.


The video visitation app by Securus has been designed specifically for inmates. The technology has been installed and is currently in use in several correction facilities. Through the application, inmates communicate with their loved ones and keep in touch on a regular basis. The video call makes use of a terminal on the prisoner’s end and a mobile device on the other end. Communication is achieved mainly by sending and receiving video images. The person visiting the inmate should initiate the video call. One has first to sign up to be able to use the program. The signing up process involves the company taking information about the user’s ID and their photo. One schedules for a visit and the inmate will be informed of the visitation time.


Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The firm has installed its communication services in the entire United States. Almost all correction facilities have these kinds of communication devices. Securus has strived to create constant communication among families. Parents that have used the program in the past have been able to assist their children with finishing up homework. Imagine being in a correction facility but being able to watch your child’s sporting event or birthday party. The kind of technology provided by the company has created the biggest change in correction facilities.